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Visit Buenos Aires, Argentina

It is time for innovations, news airs and living unique moments. We are very happy that you are part of this special feeling. We invite you to stay at Babel Hotels & Apartments Buenos Aires and enjoy an experiencie you weill never forgot.

A city, countless offers. The Argentine capital has 160 museums, 287 theatres, 380 bookstores, 7,000 bars and restaurants, more than 100 green spaces, among many other attractions. Filter it by category or directly by the neighbourhood you wish to visit. And choose among all that Buenos Aires has for you!

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to Buenos Aires

Artists, designers, writers, poets, film makers, publicists and musicians get together here, where history meets modernity.

Its convenient location provides easy access to the main places of interest for tourists, such as La Boca, San Telmo, Plaza de Mayo and football (soccer) fields such as La Bombonera (Boca Juniors) and El Monumental (River Plate)

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